Inside-socket sheath stripper wand by CIMCO

For all common cables of 8 – 13 mm ø: Titanium nitride coated blades guarantee the longest possible service life and extremely goods sliding properties, Secure hold thanks to ergonomic, anti-slip 2-component handle zone, Four-blade layout reduces force required and increases precision, Inscription panel makes it easier to personalise the sheath stripper, Length scale, TÜV/GS tested

Nut driver bit holder by CIMCO

Can be used as a nut driver adapter or a bit holder by simple sliding the sleeve (also possible when fixed in the jaw chuck of the cordless screwdriver). Tool holder for both 1/4“ external hex socket and square socket. Dimensions L x W x D: 70 x 13 x 13 mm

CIMCO Tubular Cable Lug

Increasingly frequently, the production-related, standard width of the connection flange of a cable lug is considerably wider than the channel width. A special production process allows the flange width to be reduced while maintaining the conductive cross section, while the flange thickness increases proportionately. This means the cable lug can easily be used for all switchgears, without compromising performance. Another advantage is that the tube dimensions to crimp the electrical conductors remain unchanged. This allows the user to continue to use their usual tools.

CIMCO XL butt connectors

Due to the longer design of the copper ferrule and consequently the possibility to crimp the conductor twice, these connectors are also suitable for repairing damaged solid conductors.

DUOCUT cable shears from CIMCO

The new CIMCO DUOCUT cable shears made of forged steel provide the user with an extremely sharp blade, which also features two cutting zones!

CIMCO spirit levels

Many sophisticated new features as well as perfect finishing ensure ergonomic and non-tiring handling and enable precise working in all situations.

The problem solver from CIMCO

In most cases rounded screws make life difficult and also cause more work. Sometimes there are days when you just cannot make any headway on your own, and that is precisely where the CIMCO problem solvers come into play.

Ferrules for compressed conductors from CIMCO

CIMCO supplies ferrules specially designed for compressed conductors. A simple and practical solution, with sleeves made from high-quality electrolytic copper that optimally fit the cable dimensions. The special ferrules act practically as filling material between the conductor and the connection element, ensuring a perfect and permanent connection.


The new lightweight design with a total weight of only 9.4 kg! An extremely robust cable drum dispenser made from powder-coated steel sheet!

PowerDrive cable pull system from CIMCO

For the lightning fast transportation of fibreglass rods (ø 3.0 mm) in confined spaces, even in places that are difficult to access.

FLEXI-CRIMP PRO front crimping pliers from CIMCO

One for all - With the new FLEXI-CRIMP PRO front crimping pliers for wire end ferrules, cable cross sections from 0.5 mm² to 16 mm² can be processed with just one tool.

The mechanical coupling sleeve made by CIMCO

Secure, quick and easy are three words that can be used to describe our coupling sleeve system. The structure and functionality are not only innovative and pioneering, but will also save time and therefore money.

The CIMCO smoke detector test spray

The smoke detector test spray is a special test gas for quick, reliable functional testing of photoelectric (optoelectronic) smoke detectors.  The test is carried out without complex testing equipment and takes just seconds. NOTICE! This does not replace the battery test.


The silicone gel protects cable connectors from vibration, dust, dirt and moisture. After the gel mass has cured, it can be removed at any time. The solvent-free two-component silicone gel is mixed in a ratio of 1:1 and attains a dielectric strength of 20 KV/mm. After being processed, its properties remain unchanged over a temperature range of -40 °C to +180 °C.

CIMCO cable stripping knife

Stay safe in stressful, everyday situations! On this topic, we would like to present our new cable stripping knife (CIMCO article no. 12 2016). The interchangeable hook blade system allows cables with a 4 – 70 mm Ø to be stripped. The individual blades can be easily replaced with the “Push” device. Sheathing can be slit open with the specially shielded TiN-coated hook blade which is only activated once the automatic release has been enabled and the shield is pushed back.

Hydraulic system GENiUS 2.0 made by CIMCO


One basic tool, revolutionary possibilities – now in improved design with modified return valve! With the interchangeable head system, a wide variety of applications can be carried out with only one device and with professional quality. The basic tool is one of the smallest and lightest 60 kN battery-powered hydraulic units
of its kind on the global market. For the first time, it is possible to carry out the following functions with a single device:
- Crimping up to 300 mm² DIN compression cable lugs
- Cutting up to a ø of 50 mm (corresponds to 4 x 120 mm²)
- Hole-punching up to a ø size of ISO 63 or square punching 92 x 92 mm



click 'n' crimp - the system crimping pliers made by CIMCO


The patented crimping tool is far superior to conventional tool solutions thanks to two special features:


Firstly, the various crimping profile inserts for different types of connection are interchangeable, without needing any additional tools to do so, as they are locked in the pliers with a practical click-in mechanism.

Secondly, the handles on the pliers act as a magazine holding to additional crimping profile pairs which means you don't have to carry a typical transport and storage case. In the meantime, we are now offering a wide range of crimping profiles which the user can select and combine individually.

CIMCO hole punching technology


Effortless, clean and burr-free! The screw punches, all 100 % “Made in Germany”, are compatible with all systems widely available on the market and also offer many detailed advantages for the user. The CIMCO screw punches offer the trade a tool system which shortens work processes and redefines the market standard.

CIMCO cable shears


Precise cutting geometry, ergonomically shaped handles and a comfortable grip design make cutting cable easy!

CIMCO cable pull system


Rational cable pull devices for professional electricians.

The CIMCO DIAMANT master case


The revolution in hardshell tool cases! The system developed on the basis of extensive market studies is now particularly sturdy and yet flexible.

Insulation stripping in new dimensions


The wide variety of cables and wiring is continuously increasing which means we need to develop products which meet these requirements. Watch this video to discover our wide range of stripping tool products!


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