CIMCO-Highlights 2022

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Sporty-smart or classic-robust? The new apprentice case backpack and the all-time favourite ECO apprentice case are available in three different configurations.

For convenient cable insertion, the matching cable insertion system supports you. New is the Kati® Twist 2.0 with a high degree of flexibility for short, curved routes. The Kati® Blitz Mini and the Tubular Eel are also a powerful aid for the professional.


The T120 Flex ratchet combination spanner set - The ideal helpers in confined work areas.
The innovative flank geometry makes it easy to reset the open-ended spanner

without lifting off.


Precise and pinpoint drilling - With the new 5-piece SDS-Plus hammer drill Helix Set.
The newly developed 4-blade cutter allows precise concentricity, minimises wear and tear
and is therefore the optimal accessory for every professional.


Find out more in the promotional brochure.

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